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Balam Chocolate

2 Pack Peruvian Chocolate Sampler Gift box

2 Pack Peruvian Chocolate Sampler Gift box

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These chocolate disks can be eaten as they are whole, they can be split into 4 and eaten whenever one feels a little sugar craving or needs some good energy, they can be melted in a double broiler and used as hot fudge for fruits, they can also be made into a hot chocolate beverage! Use 1/2 a disk for 8oz or 6oz of warm water (if you prefer it stronger), give it a mix and add some raw honey if you want to sweeten it...I sometimes also like adding cinnamon, or cayenne pepper :)

All ingredients are Organic & the Cacao I use is Fair Trade

I'd love to know how YOU enjoy Balam Chocolate! Feel free to send me a message!

About the Aphrodisiac is also a Heart opening and hormone balancing blend.

Here are incredible benefits of some of these ingredients!

Cacao: is energizing, boosts mood, is rich in antioxidants, can improve cognitive function, promotes overall cardiovascular health, promotes healthy weight and blood sugar control, is high in fiber, can help stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria, can improve sleep quality & lower inflammation, can help sooth menstrual cramps

Raw honey: contains all vitamins, nutrients, & enzymes intact, is antiviral & antifungal, contains powerful antioxidants, help ward off or manage allergies, helps stabilize blood pressure & balance blood sugar levels, boosts the immune system, relieves cold symptoms, cough, & sore throat, promotes good digestive health, contains natural probiotics, fights inflammation, improves liver function & can possibly prevent heart disease & stroke, is full of phytonutrients & polyphenols that improve memory & act as brain boosters

Maca: is an adaptogen & helps the body manage stress, boosts mood, can reduce anxiety & depression, helps increase energy & endurance, may boost libido, may help with symptoms of premenopause and menopause, may help with male fertility, benefits the bones, balances hormone levels, may improve memory, concentration, & aid learning, is rich in amino acids and vitamins

Damiana: helps treat headaches, depression, nervous stomach, & anxiety, helps maintain mental & physical stamina, is an aphrodisiac & can help boost libido, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, helps reduce blood sugar levels, promotes a general feeling of wellness

Rose: can help sooth cramps & reduce anxiety, can help one lose weight, has antioxidants & immune boosting vitamins & minerals, rose is the flower with the highest vibration (320MHz), is very heart warming & uplifting

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