Selva Negra, Nicaragua 2023


Balam Chocolate came to be early 2023. I began making chocolate the year previous just with Cacao powder that my grandma brought back from Nicaragua. I was also working more with Cacao in liquid form, like hot chocolate. I began noticing that it was helping me out immensely during my moon/menstrual cycle by uplifting my mood, giving me more energy, soothing and minimizing cramping, and really my overall wellness improved a lot.

 For a while when I was a little gal I used to eat reese's, snickers, milky ways...all of those mainstream "chocolates", until I truly discovered Chocolate in the Cacao bean (fruit) form and literally cried when I ate it...It definitely reawakened and ignited a deep ancestral memory within me, all of my cells were dancing in harmony with all of creation. It filled my being with this pure joy and bliss, this strength and courage to really burst my heart open. It was an experience like no other. I started sourcing out the best chocolate bars I could find...all organic, soy- free, sugar free, made of Cacao not Cocoa (the more processed version that is lacking nutrition), and I was only left with a few options. I decided to make a blend myself and shared it with my family during the holydays back in the Fall in 2022.

The Creator told me I had to share this delicious/nutritious chocolate with as many people as I can, to work with Cacao in a good respectful way, to help people heal their relationship with chocolate...the true CACAO. In this way people are also healing the relation with their bodies, minds, spirits so they know REAL food with REAL natural ingredients.

I only source high quality, pure, organic ingredients for my offerings. For about a year I was only sourcing Cacao is from small, sustainable, fair-trade farms in Nicaragua. As being a descendant of Nicaraguan parents, I was super happy supporting the wonderful people of that sacred land! Starting around mid-April, 2024 I actually made my first batch of chocolate with Peruvian Cacao because it got a little difficult to get Cacao here from Nicaragua...

I always remember to pray for those suffering around the world and to pray for justice and peace.

I was recommended "Prophecy Chocolate" (check them out.) I made hot chocolate with their Cacao and really enjoyed the beauty and love I received from it..it's very special. Their partner farmers cultivate an ancient heirloom cacao variety known as "Chuncho", meaning "native" in the Quechua language. 

I am so happy and blessed to be supporting Prophecy chocolate who donate 10% of all profits to projects which support indigenous communities throughout the lands of the Eagles and Condors - North and South America. (more about this very important prophecy on their website)


My mission is to bring healthy chocolate & foods to your everyday lives. My goal is to create harmonious partnerships with those who value their health & the health of the planet, those who are making positive changes for a better tomorrow. 

As of now, I make the chocolates, wrap them with recycled paper, deliver, and ship with recycled packaging materials! If you would like to collaborate and offer Balam Chocolates in your storefront, please contact me. I am always looking to grow with other amazing individuals who have the same goals & mission as I do :)


Contact me if you have any questions!

Thank you for supporting us!

Many Blessings